We worked with Pizza Hut Delivery to highlight the brand's renewed focus on making it easier to get a better pizza, which also includes a new website and app.

The new integrated brand campaign ‘From our Hut to Yours’, highlights Pizza Hut Delivery's updated delivery offering, featuring the much-loved characters from the nostalgic TV show ‘Rainbow’.

the TV spot leverages the characters of Bungle, George and Zippy to interrupt a young, modern family ordering their usual takeaway.

The advert reminisces back to days when family fun meant ‘the Hut’, Zippy then informs the family that now the same fun can be easily ordered & enjoyed in your home.

A well-known British staple, Rainbow ran for 20 years with the infamous trio entertaining audiences across more than 1000 episodes.


The integrated campaign, launched on Channel 4 during The Great British Bake Off. The campaign will be executed through-the-line and will deliver several exciting pieces of social film in the run up to Christmas.