Inmarsat Aviation entered the crowded aviation WiFi market as a relatively unknown name in an industry full of established providers. Amongst media and customers, there is a general feeling of under-delivery within the aviation WiFi industry, with lots promised but very little yet realised in practice. With airlines rushing to build connectivity onto aircraft to meet growing passenger demand, there is an 18 month window for the various players in the aviation WiFi industry to win the market.

Inmarsat Aviation have tasked Ogilvy with boosting cut-through and recognition of the brand, enhancing their reputation to deliver on an ambitious global growth strategy and growing Inmarsat Aviation’s share of voice. All this while effectively building employee advocacy into global communications. 


In addition to running a day-to-day press office to grow SOV, we are also conducting a proprietary research project in partnership with LSE, exploring the social and economic impact of aviation WiFi in partnership with IATA to lend credibility to and underpin communications throughout the year

On top of this, we deliver creative disruptive moments throughout the year to set Inmarsat apart from competition and capture the imagination of passengers.

Ogilvy has also created a partnership with leading academic institution – IATA and trade body LSE as we as supporting global communications across key markets: Europe, APAC, North America.